The use of games for education and self-organisation has a long history.

Now we are applying the benefits of a playful approach to the digital age. We understand through experience that the context of play affords a considerable range of advantages when it comes to developing a learning environment which caters for all sorts of people with their different pedagogies, cultures and needs.

By comprehending the world through a positive approach to games and simulations, we are confident that Digital Liberties is making its own particular contribution towards a broader collaborative movement which places human emancipation at the centre of the innovative use of all of the opportunities that modern technology offers.

Digital Liberties emerged from several sources: Cybersalon, a think-tank on networked culture, Class Wargames, an art collective which brought Guy Debord’s A Game of War to life and Games For The Many, the team that
created CorbynRun.

We became a cooperative in late 2017 and are working hard at setting up our infrastructure.