Who are we?

  • A Group of Entrepreneurs, Professionals and Academics with Cross Parliamentary endorsement

Why are we doing it?

  • We live a world where technology and behaviours are changing very quickly but where the laws of the land cannot.
  • Most of the ‘new’ laws relating to digital have been poorly informed and framed, undermine civil liberties,are full of dangerous loopholes and often obsolete before they are even passed.
  • Pressures to ‘Do Something’ have resulting in  knee-jerk actions by those who do not necessarily understand the digital areas, which risks creating more problems than they solve.
  • We hope to address this.

Not everything is black and white




  • “We must not allow terrorists to hide in the dark
  • “We want SAFE and secure online banking”
  • backdoors are just doors, hackers will find them
  • “We must keep records of all online activity”
  • “We should have access to the internet at a fair price”
  • the costs will be passed on the consumers
  • “We must prosecute those who harass others online”
  • “Freedom of expression is our most treasured right”
  • content controls may be abused and restrict free speech
  • “We must stop criminals from using cryptocurrencies to hide money”
  • “We want to encourage commercial innovation and inspire the world”
  • “Disruptive technologies are appearing every day – we can’t keep up!”

Our Challenge

  • Relatively few understand the words we use when we talk about things digital, never mind the implications of legislation.
  • We need to share, in a language that works for everyone, the risks to our Internet ‘air supply’ both foreign and domestic.
  • We need to define our rights to allow us all to confidently, successfully and securely move forward.

What are we going to do?

  1. We will ask a broad spectrum of the public what they expect from their diverse use of digital devices and services.
  2. We will provide insight for politicians to future-proof the decision-making process for digital policy.
  3. We will distill that into a  UK Digital Bill of Rights for consideration by parliament.

What is our vision of success?

  1. Output shared with all parliamentarians to provide a solid, easily understood dossier on the complexities and considerations of our digital world.
  2. Cited and considered when debating new digital legislation.
  3. Cross-party support for opportunities to secure our future.
  4. A proposed Bill of Digital Rights to be considered for debate and adoption by Parliament.

When is it all happening?

We’re pulling everything together over the summer and aim to launch formally in Autumn 2016